Notes, 1:00 p.m., Spring 2001, February 28, 2001, in Music 101


Study of an Election



In the political process, an endorsement of a candidate is a recommendation. In the political arena, endorsements count.  During an election campaign, all candidates seek endorsements.


Swing or competitive districts means the election is uncertain.  It becomes a target district for candidates.  Winning a target district is important because it could decide an election for a particular candidate.


California and the state of Washington are the only two states in the country in which both senators are women.

The two senators from California are Dianne Feinstein (D) and Barbara Boxer (D).


California was the first state to have two elected women senators.  They represent all the people in the state of California, including non-voters and voters from other parties.


U.S. Senators have more power than members of the House of Representatives.  Senators serve for a term of years.  Each member of the House of Representatives serve a term of 2 years.  Currently, there are no term limits for members of Congress.


After the 2002 election, California will have 53U.S. representatives in Congress.


Widow’s Succession means that a widow is elected to the office of her deceased husband.


Example:  Mary Bono was elected to Congress to replace her deceased husband, Representative Sonny Bono(R).


Example:  Former Missouri governor Mel Carnahan (D) and incumbent Senator John Ashcroft (R) were in a tight Senate race in 2000.  During a campaign swing, Carnahan perished in a plane crash.  The governor of Missouri stated that if the late Mel Carnahan won the election, he would allow his widow, Jean Carnahan, to serve as the senator from Missouri in succession of her husband.  Carnahan won the election, which included sympathy votes’.


There are two ways to conduct elections, by district or at-large.  At-large means conducting an election without a district.


Three kinds of districts include congressional district (CD)assembly district (AD), and senate district (SD).  A congressional district is one of 435 districts in the country.  There are 80 assembly districts and 40senate districts in the state of California.




Notes, 1:00 p.m., Spring 2001, February 26, 2001 (cont.)

There are many kinds of elections.  They are:

A.                        Federal

B.                        State

C.                        County 

D.                        City

E.            Special district



There are other elections. They are:


A.          District 

B.          At large

C.          Partisan

D.          Non Partisan

E.     Direct

F.      Indirect

G.         Primary 

H.         General

I.        Special

J.     Recall