QUIZ    # 2


Matching:  On your Scantron sheet, please use a #2 pencil to fill in the letter of the best choice to match each numbered item.  Each letter is used as an answer in each section.  You may write on this sheet, BUT BE SURE TO TURN IT IN.


1.  States the rights of all citizens of the United States?                                A.  Declaration of Independence

2.  Declared freedom from England?                                                                B.  Bill of Rights

3.  Called for strong state rights and a weak central government                C.  Federalist Papers

4.  Called for both strong state and central government.                                D.  Constitution

5.  Supported the Constitution                                                                                E.   Articles of Confederation



6.  Smoked filled room where delegates of a party are chosen                                A.  State Conventions

7.  Process initiated by Andrew Jackson                                                                B.  Delegates

8.  Makes final determination of President                                                                C.  Caucus

9.  People who represent a state at a party’s convention                                D.  Primary Election

10. Process used by todays states to elect candidates for Congress                E.   Electoral College