Gitelson Chapter 7 – Elections  and Campaigns fill-ins





71.  What methods are used to nominate candidates?




72.  What takes place at a presidential national convention?




73.  What voter characteristics determine who they will vote





75. What is the political ladder of local, state and national

 offices that bring greater prestige and power as one moves

 towards the presidency?




76. What system provides for people in each state to elect a

 number of electors equal to the number of

 U.S. Senators and U.S. Representatives for that state.

 In most states, the presidential candidate winning the

  plurality vote in that state receives all its electoral votes




77.  An election in which there is no incumbent in the race




78.  A primary in which candidates run for their own party’s





79.   An election in which party members select

   candidates to run for office under the party banner




80.   A primary in which candidates are listed on a ballot with

   no party identification




81.  A candidate  seeking re-election to the office held




82.  A meeting held to choose candidates that was closed to

 the public until the Progressive Party reforms; now caucuses        are local party meetings open to all who live in the area