United States Supreme Court Justices, 2001
William John Paul Sandra Day Antonin Anthony David H. Clarence Ruth Bader Stephen
[Chief Justice [First Women [First Italian   [Second African [Second Woman
  Appointed by on Court] American American on Court]
R.Reagan,1986] on Court] on Court]
By R.Nixon (R) G.Ford (R) R.Reagan (R) R.Reagan (R) R.Reagan (R) G.Bush (R) G.Bush (R) B.Clinton (D) B.Clinton (D)
Date 1972-1986 1975- 1981- 1986- 1988- 1990- 1991-  1993- 1994-
Birth Date Oct.1,1924 April 20,1920 March 26,1930 March 11,1936 July 23,1936 Sept.17,1939 June 23,1948 March 15,1933 August 15,1938
Birth Place Milwaukee,WI Chicago, IL El Paso, TX Trenton, NJ Sacramento,CA Melrose, MA Savannah, GA Brooklyn, NY San Francisco,CA
Education Stanford, B.A. University of Stanford, B.A. Georgetown,B.A.  Stanford, B.A. Harvard, B.A. Holy Cross, B.A. Cornell, B.A. Stanford, B.A.
  Stanford, M.A Chicago, B.A. Stanford Law Harvard Law  London School Oxford, 1961-63 Yale Law Harvard Law Oxford, B.A.
Harvard, M.A. Northwestern School, LL.B. School, LL.B.  of Economics Harvard Law School, LL.B. School, 1956-58 Harvard Law
Stanford Law School of Law,  1957-58 School, LL.B. Columbia Law School, LL.B.
School, LL.B. J.D.  Harvard Law School, LL.B.
 School, LL.B.
Previous Law Clerk, US Law Clerk, US Assistant Atty. General Judge, Ninth Attorney Assistant Law Clerk, Law Clerk, US
Government Supreme Court; Supreme Court; General, AZ; Counsel, White Circuit Court General, New Attorney General US District Supreme Court;
Service Assistant Associate Majority Leader House Office of of Appeals Hampshire; Missouri; Court; Judge, Special Assistant,
Attorney Counsel, Sub- Arizona Senate; Telecomm. Superior Judge, Legislative US Court of to the Assistant
General, Committee on Judge, Maricopa Policy; New Hampshire; Assistant to a Appeals for the Attorney General;
Office of Legal the Study of County; Chairman, Justice, US Senator; District of Assistant Special
Counsel Monopoly Superior Judge, Adm.Conference Superior Court Assistant Columbia Circuit Prosecutor,
Power, Judiciary Court of Appeals  of the US; New Hampshire; Secretary for Justice
Committee; Assistant Judge, Federal Civil Rights, US Department;
Member of Attorney Attorney Court of Appeals Department of Special Counsel,
General's National General, Office for the First Education; Chairman US Senate
Committee to Study of Legal Circuit US EEOC; Judge, Judiciary
the Anti-Trust Laws; Counsel; Judge, US Court of Committee;
Judge, US US Court of Appeals for the Chief Counsel,
Court of Appeals Appeals for the District of US Senate
7th Circuit District of Columbia Circuit Judiciary
Columbia Circuit Committee;
Judge,US Court
of Appeals, 1st
Source: Current Biography Year Book, by H.W. Wilson Company; April 72, (359); May 76, (389-92); Jan. 82, (297-301); Nov. 86, (502-05); Circuit; Chief
                                                             Judge, US Court
of Appeals, 1st
  Cindy Ramage, Political Science, Spring 97, M-W-F, 10AM, Los Angeles Harbor College Circuit