Find Your Voting Districts (F7)


If you don’t know in which voting districts you live, you can find out by following these steps:


·        Go to the Los Angeles Harbor College home page on any computer

      on campus by clicking:   START, then

                                               PROGRAMS, then

                                               INTERNET APPLICATIONS, then

                                               NETSCAPE COMMUNICATOR


      From any off-campus computer with Internet access, type lahc into the

      The “yahoo” search screen in order to find the college address:




·        Click on:  Classes/Departments/Divisions

·        Click on:  Social Science

·        Click on:  Political Science Links

·        In the left column under the heading Congress & CA Legislature, click on: Find Your Voting District: Inquiry: to reach:




In each box provided, except “Street Suffix” which you leave blank, enter each separate part of your address.  Where possible, use the black arrows. Then, at on the gray button at the bottom of the screen, click: Find My Districts


On the page you will find all the voting districts in which you live, from your U.S. Congressional District (CD) on the federal level, to city council district

if you live in a city, and if your city selects council members by district.


Note:  if you do not see the list of your districts, return to the boxes, and resubmit the form after changing or deleting the name of the city or the ZIP code or after changing the form of the street name by adding or deleting “st,” “nd,” or “th” (or by spelling out street names that are numbers).


1.       In which U.S. Congressional District (CD) do you live?

2.       In which State Senate District (SD) do you live?

3.       In which State Assembly District (AD) do you live?

4.       In which Los Angeles County Supervisorial District do you live?

5.       In which community college district do you live?

6.       In which unified school district do you live?

7.   In which city council district do you live?