Germany - Nazi - Adolf Hitler

Italy - Facist -

Japan -


Allies won the WW2

UN - found in 1945 in SF

Headquarter at NY

5 allies  - SEC. COUN.

VETO power

China - Mao(North strongest Comm.PRC)(Comm) in North, Chang(South, ROC, anti comm, party(nationalists))

            largest country, 1.2 bill not all comm. *Stoped the civil war and joined together to attack Japan(invaded china)


French -


Soviet Union - Stalin

Japan - Axis - Ruled SouthEast Asia

Dutch East Indies - Indonesia

1945 - began, ended 1989 (cold war)


301.     AXIS  

            A. Germany

            B. Italy

            C. Japan


302.     Allies

            A. China - Mao/PRC/Mainland (Communist)

                         - Chang/ROC/Taiwan (Anti Communist)(nationalist island)

            B. S.U. - Stalin(Communist Party)

            C. France

            D. U.K.

            E. U.S. - F.D.R (new Deal, Died 1945)

                        - H.S.T (disagreed with Stalin and started cold war)


(S.V.) EAST Bloc - Communist

(U.S.) WEST Bloc – Capitalist



OPEC –Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries


Queit(US helped)  - invaded by Iraq  Persian gulf war (BUSH)

Middle East – Asia, Africa, Europe

IRAN – OPEC, Oil rich

Lebenan - Reagon

Carter – Iran, Bringing Peace in Israel and Egypt

Israel land – Palestine

PLO – Palestine Liberation Organization

North Atlantic Treaty Organization(NATO)

First place US invaded Communism – Greece and Turkey (part of NATO)

Truman ended WW2 in 1945

            - started UN 1945

-         Korean war1950

-         NATO(central) created under Truman

-         Marshall plan

-         Warsaw Pact – eastern Allience communist world

-         Truman program to contain Greece and Turkey – Truman Gottren – Promise to fight and contain communist in Greece and Turkey

Iran Contra Affair – President Reagon. Involved government of Nicoraga

Soviet their missile in Cuba because US took their missile in Turkey(park of NATO)