Gender Equity in Sports Quiz F2


MULTIPLE CHOICE (sections C, E, G, H):  On your Scantron sheet, please fill in thoroughly the letter of the single best choice.  YOU MAY WRITE ON THIS SHEET, BUT BE SURE TO TURN IT IN.


1.  What branch of government is Congress a part of?

A.  Legislative    B.  Congressional    C.  Executive    D.  Judicial


2.  Who is primarily responsible for making laws?

A.  President    B.  Judges    C.  Chief Justice    D.  Congress


3.  What year did Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas occur?

A.  1917    B.  1945    C.  1954    D.  1989


4.  Who resigned due to the Watergate Scandal?

A.  Ronald Reagan    B.  Richard Nixon    C.  George Bush    D.  Bill Clinton


5.  What is a legislative act pronouncing a person guilty of a crime without a trial and subjecting him to  

      capital punishment?

A.  writ of habeas corpus    B.  ex post facto laws    C.  bills of attainder    D.  Bill of Rights




MATCHING (sections C, E, F):  On your Scantron sheet, please use a #2 pencil to fill in the letter of the best choice to match each numbered item.  Each letter is used as an answer in each section.  YOU MAY WRITE ON THIS SHEET, BUT BE SURE TO TURN IT IN.


6.  Number of people in Congress                                                                         A.  2


7.  Number of years a Senator serves                                                                  B.  3


8.  Number of years Congressman serves                                                            C.  5


9.  Number of branches of government                                                                D.  6


10. Number of levels of government                                                                     E.  535