(G = Gitelson page; number in parenthesis = section of online Ch 5 Outline of American Government)

  1. In the federal court system what is the court that holds a trial before an appeal is heard?
  2. The Supreme Court has original jurisdiction in two kinds of cases, which are? ( G 363 top or sec. 2)
  3. Who was named the new chief justice in the Adams administration? (G 378 center)
  4. Conflicts over something of value that do not involve punishment are cover under what kind of law? (G 357 end)
  5. Wrong done to the public involving possible punishment is cover by what kind of law? (G 358 top)

6.Can one incident lead two court case one civil and other criminal?

  1. A person who suffers an injury begins a law suits under what kind of law?
  2. A person who stole a car will be tried under what kind of law?
  3. Individuals from what social class have a higher chance of being selected as a Supreme Court justice? (G 371 end)
  4. Us Supreme Court decisions must be made by at least what kind of vote? (sec. 2)
  5. In a court decision a justice who disagrees with the majority opinion may write what kind of opinion? (G 377 center)
  6. Can a decision of the U.S Supreme Court be appeal to any other court? Why or why not? (sec. 2)
  7. The U.S Supreme Court includes of how many chief justices? (sec. 2)
  8. The U.S Supreme Court consists of how many associatesí justices? (sec. 2)
  9. The power of the court to declare an act of a legislature constitutional or unconstitutional is called? (G 378 center)
  10. Judicial review was declared in which case? (G 378 center)
  11. How long may a federal judge serve? (sec. 1)
  12. U.S judges are appointed by whom? (sec. 371)
  13. Who approves the person nominate for federal judge?
  14. How many branches are there in the federal government? (sec. 1)
  15. Which court is the highest court in the United States?
  16. What U.S court hears most cases before they reach U.S Supreme Court? (sec. 3)
  17. The court of appeal reviews decisions of what other U.S federal court?(sec. 3 )
  18. Can a decision of a district court be appealed to a higher federal court? (sec. 3)
  19. Which branch interprets the constitution?