Matching:  On your Scantron sheet, please use a #2 pencil to fill in the letter of the best choice to match each numbered item.  Each letter is used as an answer in each section.  You may write on this sheet, BUT BE SURE TO TURN IT IN.


1.  Which chamber of Congress represents States equally?                         A. Chief Executive

2.        California Assemblyman                                                                             B.  Bicameral

3.        Two house legislature                                                                                 C.   Senate

4.   Another term meaning President of the United States?                          D.  Governor

5.  Gray Davis                                                                                                       E.  Alan Lowenthal



6.  Legislative branch based on population                                                     A. 100.

7.  Chief Justice of the Supreme Court                                                              B. Article III of Constitution

8.  Outlined organization of Supreme Court                                                     C.  House of Representatives

9.  Government where the people rule                                                              D.  W.H. Rehnquist

10. Number of US Senators                                                                                E.   Democracy



11.  Winner-take-all decision rule                                                                      A. Minority Party

12.  Candidates expected to win                                                                        B. Electors

13.  Hold balance of power, not expected to win                                            C. Faithless election

14.  Equals number of people a state has in U.S. Congress                          D. Plurality

15.  Votes against party affiliation                                                                     E. Majority Party 



16.  Principle behind three branches of government                                      A. Executive Branch

17.  Branch of government that may veto Congress                                      B. Federalism

18.     Branch of government that passes laws                                                  C. Legislative Branch

19.     Strong state and national government                                                     D. Separation of Powers

20.     Supreme Court                                                                                              E. Judicial Branch



21.     Current Democratic President                                                                    A. George Washington

22.     President who created the New Deal                                                        B. Abraham Lincoln

23.     First President of the United States                                                          C. Jon Hanson

24.     First elected Republican President                                                            D. Franklin D. Roosevelt

25.     First president of US under Constitution                                                 E.  Bill Clinton                      


26.  Grand Old Party                                                                                             A. Majority Party

27.  Oldest party in the World                                                                            B. Republican Party

28.  Effects popular vote, candidates not expected to win                            C. Democratic Party

29. Party which Perot ran under in 1992                                                           D. Minority Parties

30.  Candidates expected to win                                                                        E.  Reform Party


31. Selection of delegates by each party                                                          A. Plurality

32. Determines the process of selecting state delegates                               B.  Platform

33. Must have to win Presidency                                                                      C.  State Law

34. Candidates beliefs and opinions                                                                 D. Electoral Majority

35. Winner-take-all decision rule                                                                       E. Primary election





36. 435 Congressmen                                                                                           A.  US House of Representatives

37.  100 Senators                                                                                                  B. State Assembly

38.  80 Assemblymen                                                                                           C. Supreme Court

39.  40 Senators                                                                                                    D. US Senate

40.  9 Justices                                                                                                        E. State Senator





41.  Declaration of Independence                                                                      A. 1789

42. U.S. Constitution                                                                                           B. 1945

43.  Lincoln assassinated                                                                                    C. 1989

44.  WWII ended                                                                                                  D.  1865

45.  Berlin Wall dismantled and end of Cold War                                           E.  1776  



46.  First woman Supreme Court Justice                                                           A.  W.H. Rehnquist

47.  Chief Justice of the Supreme Court                                                            B.  Ross Perot

48.  Heads the minor Green Party                                                                      C.  Sandra O’Conner

49.  Reform Party                                                                                                  D.  Alan Lowenthal

50.  Democratic Calif. Assemblyman                                                                 E.  Ralph Nader