Study Guide Answers:


Answers to Study Questions A

A1:  Divine Right

A2:  Democracy

A3:  Anarchism

A4:  Totalitarianism

A5:  Autocracy

A6:  Communism

A7:  Capitalism

A8:  Fascism

A9:  Tyranny

A10: Sovereignty


Answers to Study Questions B

B1:  Separation of  Powers

B2:  Judicial Branch

B3:  Legislative Branch

B4:  Bill Clinton

B5:  Democratic

B6:  George Washington

B7:  two

B8:  Franklin Roosevelt

B9:  4 years

B10: Vice-president

B11:Speaker of the House


Answers to Study Questions C

C1:  Constitution

C2:  veto

C3:  statues

C4:  Chief executive

C5:  Legislative Branch

C6:  4 years

C7:  Democratic

C8:  100

C9: 435

C10: Barbara Boxer and Diane Feinstein

C11: House of Representatives

C12: Senate

C13: Nebraska

C14: Bicameral

C15: Six years

C16: Two years

C17: 2/3

C18: 80

C19: 40

C20: Governor

C21: Gray Davis

C22: Alan Lowenthal


Answers to Study Questions D

D1: Judicial

D2:  Supreme Court

D3: The Constitution

D4: Nine

D5: President of the United States

D6: United States Senate

D7: Life or retirement

D8: William H. Rehnquist

D9: Sandra O’Conner

D10: Article III


Answers to Study Questions E

E1:  Party

E2:  Caucus

E3:  State Conventions

E4:  Primary Elections

E5:  Open Primary

E6:  Closed Primary

E7:  Republican and Democratic

E8:  Republican Party

E9:  Stock Market Crash

E10: Democratic Party

E11: Ronald Reagan

E12:  None

E13: Ross Perot

E14: Reform Party

E15: Prevent the sale and distribution of alcohol