February 14. 2005


TO:        Political Science 1honor students

FROM:  W. Loiterman, Ph.D., instructor

REGARDING:  Student Learning Objectives for Spring, 2005, honors section


As a result of completing the Spring, 2005 honors section of Political Science 1, the student will complete a series of projects requiring the critical evaluation of two or three  different sources of  instruction in U.S. and California government.  The projects must each be approved by the instructor.  Each project demonstrates the student’s ability to


01.    cooperate as a team with the each other and/or with the instructor.

02.    take initiative in making proposals and suggestions for improvement of the project.

03.    select the appropriate content level for effective written communication with classmates who are not enrolled in the honors section.

04.    judge the point at which a project is completed by its usefulness to others.

05.    use Word to create documents easily readable on the LAHC p.c. network in both “doc” and “htm” formats.





                                                                                                                                                        February 7, 2005


TO:        Political Science 1honor students

FROM:  W. Loiterman, Ph.D., instructor

REGARDING:  Welcome to Spring, 2005, honors section


It is a pleasure to welcome you to the world of politics, government and political science.

While it may not be a primary interest for you, the knowledge you gain here may become an important part of your life as you decide to engage in civic participation, now or in the future.


Your assignments for Monday and Wednesday, February 14 and 16 are identical to those listed on the Course Outline.  They will probably seem simple to you; please make sure

yourself to achieve a very high score on the exam and quiz on those dates.




In addition, for Wednesday, February 9, please bring to class a one to three page paper about your own interest and knowledge about politics, government and political science.

Are you typical or exceptional in your interest?  What subjects or topics do you think of when you answer the first question.  Is there any date on page 832 that you already know

something about?  If so, how did you learn the information?


With the information you submit on Wednesday, February 9 and your score on

February 15, we’ll be prepared to design student learning objectives that will meet your needs and those of the class.


(If, by chance, you are a political science major—of course, that’s unlikely—please consider my recommendation to leave this class right now, in order to enroll in the MW 11:10-12:35 section #0771 of Political Science 2, which is rarely offered.  You would still be able to obtain honors credit for Political Science 1 from me, by enrollingand attending at another class hour that I teach.)


Be sure to bring any questions to me after class (or any other time, if that is not convenient).


Best wishes to you for a productive, satisfying semester.