November 29, 2001 Harbor City/Harbor Gateway Neighborhood Council Meeting, Narbonne High School, Harbor City


The Neighborhood City Council meeting on November 29th featured Los Angeles city officials for the Department of Public Works. Guest speakers included Woody Fleming of the Bureau of the Street Services, Dennis Webber-Special Provisions Superintendent, and George Gonzales-Urban Forestry. The main topics discussed were overgrown trees and their roots, the condition of sidewalks in the Harbor City area, and road conditions-primarily in regards to the railroad tracks and wear and erosion of the black top near the railroad tracks. The relationship of the possibility of falling uprooted trees and the destruction of sidewalks to public safety was a major concern for Los Angeles city officials.


My observation was that the education about government system, politics and purpose of higher would improve understanding and relations and lessen the impatience of the public and tension felt by public servants. Funds do not always match projects. Processes are slow because in respect to politics politicians must try to meet the demands of the majority of the constituents in order to remain in office. Public servants must work with specialists or classified workers to get projects done with the level of expertise that the public expects. Consequently, since the city of Los Angeles did not make infrastructure a priority, as far as upkeep or preventative maintenance, Los Angeles has to play catch up. This frustrates constituents and city officials alike who notice maintenance projects in adjacent cities of the Palos Verdes Peninsula.