Tanaquin POLITICAL SCIENCE Study Guide


Know Franklin Roosevelt

American Revolution refers to the war fought by the Americans against the US

He Fought against King George? Who?

Who did Lincoln fight against?

War ended in 1875



July 4th celebration of what war?

George Washington as the general- federal party

Declaration of Independence 1776


Who became the president after the war? Washington.

Learn Chapter 11-

Hostilities declared by congress

World War II


5 levels of government

A Federal

B State

C County

D City

E metro district


Federal level Highest court : US supreme court

State level court : State Supreme Curt

County level court: Suprerior court

City lvel : Municipal Court


Local Government

  1. County
  2. City
  3. Special District


Law Makers:



  1. U.S Senate
  2. House of Representatives


State Legislative

  1. State Senate
  2. 2. Senate Assembly


Board of Supervisors

City Council

Governing Board of District