PRESIDENTS QUIZ February 21, 2001


  1. In order to combat the Great Depression, President Franklin Roosevelt offered this to the American people:

A)     A New Deal

B)      Food stamps

C)      The Tea Stamp Act

D)     More taxes


  1. President Lyndon B. Johnson wanted to combat North Vietnamese aggression, so he initiated the:

A)     Civil rights laws

B)      The Gulf of Tonkin Resolution

C)      The SALT Pact Treaty

D)     The Watts riots


  1. In the 1980 U.S. election for President, Ronald Reagan defeated this incumbent president:

A)     George Washington

B)      Abraham Lincoln

C)      Jimmy Carter

D)     John F. Kennedy


  1. In the 1964 election, Senator Barry Goldwater of Arizona lost to this incumbent president:

A)     Lyndon B. Johnson

B)      John F. Kennedy

C)      Dwight D. Eisenhower

D)     George W. Bush


  1. Because of the Stock Market Crash of 1929, President Hoover lost to this man in the Election of 1932:

A)     Andrew Johnson

B)      Lyndon B. Johnson

C)      George H.W. Bush

D) Franklin D. Roosevelt


  1. Like President Clinton, this president was impeached, tried by the Senate, and acquitted of all charges:

A)     Richard M. Nixon

B)      Andrew Johnson

C)      George W. Bush

D)     John Adams


  1. Who was the only elected President ever impeached?

A)     Gerald R. Ford

B)      Jimmy Carter

C)      Dwight D. Eisenhower

D)     Bill Clinton


  1. This candidate was the first Republican in U.S. history elected President:

A)     George W. Bush

B)      Ronald Reagan

C)      Gerald R. Ford

D)     Abraham Lincoln


  1. This President only served one term because of American hostages held in Iran:

A)     Gerald R. Ford

B)      Jimmy Carter

C)      John F. Kennedy

D)     George W. Bush


  1. Which one of these Presidents did not get elected to two terms in office?

A)     Ronald Reagan

B)      Bill Clinton

C)      Dwight D. Eisenhower

D)     Gerald R. Ford