NEW Answers to CHANGED “LEGISLATORS—CONGRESS (22 only 8 new questions)”


The changes create new questions about the California State Legislature



L1.   What are the two houses of the California State Legislature?

            Answer: Assembly, State Senate (or California Senate)


L4.   How many State Senators are there?

            Answer:  40


L5.   How many members of the (California) Assembly are there?

            Answer:  80


L6.   How long is the term of (California) State Senators?

            Answer:   4 years


L7.   How long is the term of members of the (California) Assembly?

            Answer:  2 years


L8.   How many State Senators are elected in California?

            Answer: 40


L10. What area does a (California) State Senator serve?

            Answer: Senate District (SD)


L14. How many people serve in the California State Legislature?

            Answer:  120