(EZ) Practice Final Examination 1
 (EZ) Practice Final Examination 2

(EZ) Barbara Feinberg's
National Government--Los Angeles City Library---Los Angeles County Library



  Gitelson, chapters 1, 2 and 3

           Shank, chapters 1 and 13 and Ross, chapters 1, 2 (especially) and 3, including Shays' Rebellion

  Chart B2:  Branches of  U.S. Government
Chart L2:  Levels of U.S. Government

1.     Page 838:  Institutions of the United States Government Study Guide
Answers to Page 838:  Institutions of the United States Government Study Guide

2.    Pages 814, 815, 838:  Practice Quiz--Legislative Branch and Institutions of the U.S. Government

3.    Pages 833-837 and Ross, ch. 2 and 3 Glossary (followed by legislative and judicial branch glossary)

4.    Pages 831-837:  Notes for Final Exam

5.    Page 814 and 823:  Impeachment

6.    Notes on Documents in U.S. History (in the order they were WRITTEN)

7.    Civil War, Emancipation and the Civil War Amendments--Notes

8.     Federalism and Separation of  Powers--Notes

9.     Fill-in Practice Test--History of the United States

10.   Gitelson, Chapter 1: Democracy--Direct and Indirect Notes

11.   Gitelson, Chapter 1: Democracy By Petition--Proposition 36 Study Guide

12.   Study Guides

        A. Jane Harman (D), especially parts N, O, P, Q on federalism and separation of powers

        B. Steven Kuykendall (R), especially parts C1 and C2 on history of political parties

        C. Interest groups

        D. Flagburning controversy

13.   Final Exam Miscellaneous Items

Emancipation Proclamation

demographic groups and voting turnout (page 805 above)
religions (page 815 above) 
class action (page 820 above)

federal aid to state and local governments (Gitelson, pp. 67m, top; 68m, top; 72m, center and end; Ross, pp. 73-81) Ralph Nader, Unsafe at Any Speed (Ross p. 23 and p.806, above)
Thoreau, Civil Disobedience (Ross, pp. 26-27)
Madison, "If men were angels, no government would be necessary" (Ross,p. 26)
Shays, Marbury, McCulloch, Dred Scott