Winter, 2001


    • Shank, chapters 2, 4  and 5:  California Initiatives--Proposition 187      (immigrant rights), Proposition 209 (affirmative action) and                 Proposition 227 ( bilingual education)
    • Items distributed in GC 103
    • Items distributed in LAC 105A, LAC 113, or library computer lab

United States Constitution and Bill of Rights

  Chart B2:  Branches of  U.S. Government
Chart L2:  Levels of U.S. Government (incomplete)

1.   Page 838:  Institutions of the United States Government Study Guide (63 questions)

2.   Sixty questions and answers on Page 838: Institutions of the United States Government

3.   Pages 814, 815, 838:  Practice Quiz--Legislative Branch and Institutions of the U.S. Government

4   Glossary:  legislative and judicial branch (scroll to chapters 5, 6, 4 and 9)

5.   Page 814 and 823:  Impeachment

6.   Study Guides for the entire semester

        A. Jane Harman (D), especially parts A, B, D, K, L, M on Congress

        B. Steven Kuykendall (R), especially parts A, D, E, F, H on Congress

        C. Three branches: powers and restrictions, complete

        D. Flagburning controversy , if specified