FALL, 2001(November 5, 2001)


    • Gitelson, Chapters 5, 6, 7, and 8
    • Items distributed in  LAC 113 or LAC 105A
    • Shank, chapters 2, 4  and 5:  California Initiatives--Proposition 187      (immigrant rights), Proposition 209 (affirmative action) and                 Proposition 227 ( bilingual education) and pages 104-105 on Nixon's resignation because of Watergate

United States Constitution and Bill of Rights

  Chart B2:  Branches of  U.S. Government
Chart L2:  Levels of U.S. Government (incomplete)

401Sixty questions and answers on Page 838: Institutions of the United States Government (distributed in GC 103)

402Page 838 Study Guide:  Institutions of the United States Government Study Guide (63 questions)

403Impeachment:  Brief  Questions and Answers and Citizen's Guide to Impeachment (scroll to 32 questions; click answers)

404   Glossary:  legislative and judicial branch (scroll to chapters 5, 6, 4 and 9)

405Practice Quiz--Legislative Branch and Institutions of the U.S. Government

406Study Guides =  keys to success for the entire semester

        A. Flagburning controversy, especially H1, H2, J, L, M, N on interest groups, party history and loyalty,
            and democgraphic groups [also called voting blocs]

        B. Steven Kuykendall (R), especially parts  B1, B2, C1, C2 and G on parties and interest groups

        C. Jane Harman (D), especially parts D, F, G, H, I, J, K on parties and interest groups/lobbying

        D. Democracy by Petition (black and white), complete

407. Class notes = help for you from expert students in the 1 p.m. class

        A. Political Parties and April 10, 2001, L.A. City election candidates

        B. Notes:  Elections--tools to use to describe an election

        C. Notes:  Foreign Policy with links--use with Shank, ch. 17 and ch. 18

        D. Presidents--slogans, biography, domestic policy, foreign policy
        E.  Key dates to memorize--the only ones for the entire course