Volunteer to help Republicans

South Bay Republican Headquarters

1926 S. Pacific Coast Highway

Phone 310 316-7937 contact Jules (a woman with many years of
grassroots campaign experience), Rick, or Corrie


This information is through Larry Gomes of Cal State Dominguez Hills who says


“Obviously, a lot of work is going on, so students could jump right into the fray.


The effort this close to the election would be coordinated get out the vote work (phone banks, precinct walking, 'remember to vote signs’, for example).  The South Bay Republican Headquarters, where all of this work is coordinated from, has opportunities for involvement that students could start on immediately.”  






Volunteer to help Democrats

Phone bank for State Senator Betty Karnette, running for Assembly/Yes on Proposition 72  
Harry Bridges Institute

350 W. 5th St. San Pedro


(Possible second location in Long Beach)


Phone 213-276-3378, contact Adelaide Chen


Los Angeles County Federation of Labor



This information is through Dr. Mona Dallas-Reddick of the Campus Mobilization Project who asks you to reference her when you call Adelaide Chen at the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor.